Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Our Family-2006

Melody Trent and Camden Joshua-
17 November 2006

Camden Joshua Feist-2 days old

At The Kursalon in Vienna, Oct. 2006

As we contemplate this season of expressing gratitude for blessings, (our newest of which, is Camden Joshua Feist, born to Melody and Trent 17 Nov. 2006), we are struck with the realization that with our growing family, we have come to a point where dispersion of our children throughout the country and the inevitable distance make it necessary for us to follow their technology-savy example and create a blog to stay closer in touch with each other.
You have probably figured out by now that you-know-who, goofy guy, who now insists on being called "Granpy, not granpa, by all future grandchildren" came up with the name for this family blog. When I suggested that perhaps, since all the children call me "Mommy", "Granmy" could be an easy, logical and close enough name for our grandchildren to know me by, he immediately chimed in: "I want to be Granpy...that's a good one; that's funny; it sounds like grumpy and I'm a grumpy old guy". Oy... Oh well, why fight it? Hence, we give you: "HarrisonMania"...
In October we traveled to Austria to attend the yearly Strategic Management Society meeting and enjoyed a much welcomed reprieve from our typical hectic, (as Jared re-iterated) HarrisonMania lifestyle.
"We had a good time because we really like each other and we enjoy being together a lot" (input from you-know-who again!).
After the conference, we flew to Italy and spent a few days in beautiful Tuscany. We totally relished the experience. The country and the people are so wonderfully delightful that we decided we couldn't get enough so we are planning to return and do a semester or two at the University of Pisa when it comes time for a Sabbatical.


Nora said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? University of Pisa, eh...sounds like HarrisonMania is going a bit too far with that one... you KNOW you couldn't stay away that long from all us young'uns.
You pictures are too gorgeous.

Rachael S Varady said...

Marie, It looks like your trip was full of beautiful sites! Check out my blog if you want to see pics of mom in Japan. It is so good to beable to "see" you since it has been years since you've been in FL. So excited you joined blogger!